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Bitter Pink Ginger Scentsual Incense

Scentsual Bitter Pink Ginger is a Japanese incense made by Nippon Kodo. When these incense sticks are burned, they release a lively, uplifting fragrance with a spicy edge.

Bitter Pink Ginger has been chosen as one of the single plant-based fragrances for the Scentsual range as it's commonly eaten in Japan. Young ginger roots tend to be pink and are picked and marinated in sugar and vinegar. The result is a pickled vegetable that's served with sushi and is used as a palate cleansing food. It's a traditional Japanese delicacy and a perfect scent inclusion for this contemporary incense range.

Made with meticulously selected plant-based fragrances found in nature. Immerse your refined senses in the abundant gifts of nature, indulge in the passing of time and let your body and mind slowly unwind.

Small Box of 30 Sticks, comes with a tiny ceramic holder.
Burn Time Per Stick: About 30 minutes

Stick Length: Approximately 12cm each

Country of Origin: The components are from Japan, and manufactured in Vietnam. 

Safety: For Adult use only, never leave unattended and ensure surfaces are clear and protected when in use, and always extinguish before leaving.