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Everyone accepts the importance of physical health: isn't it just as important to aim for the mental equivalent?

Modern life places us under immense stress; it can be really hard to feel calm, content or open to new experiences. Here psychotherapist Philippa Perry demonstrates that it is possible to become a little less tortured and a little more fulfilled. She describes how our minds work, and then takes us through a number of exercises designed to strengthen our resilience, bolster our sense of perspective and increase our creativity. This book is at once a brilliant explanation of our minds and a profoundly useful guide to facing up to the many challenges life throws our way. In an age of moral and practical confusions, the self-help book is crying out to be redesigned and rehabilitated. The School of Life announces a rebirth with a series that examines the great issues of life, including money, sanity, work, technology and the desire to alter the world for the better

Alain de Botton, Series Editor 'The School of Life offers radical ways to help us raid the treasure trove of human knowledge'

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