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Relax Blend Essential Oil 

A combination of lavender, rosemary and marjoram essential oils help you to unwind and relax. Lavender essential oil is well renowned for its ability to help relieve tension and promote a restful sleep, while rosemary is included in the blend for its natural analgesic properties, and works with the marjoram to calm body and mind.

Key info:

- A Blend of 100% Natural Lavender, Rosemary & Marjoram Pure Essential Oils.
- Can Help to Relieve Tension and Promote Sleep by Calming the Body & Mind. It Also Acts as a Natural Analgesic.
- Add 5 to 10 Drops to a Warm Bath for a Relaxing Soak, or Into a Diffuser for a Calming Room Scent. Can be Added to a Carrier Oil for Use as a Soothing Massage Oil.
- Cruelty Free and Suitable for Use by Vegans. Manufactured in the United Kingdom.
10ml Bottle      100% Pure Essential Oil.