Candles & Accessories

One of our best selling collections at The Blue Magpie has always been our candles and accessories. We love all our brands, and clearly you do too! We strive to bring you the best quality, for the best price, supporting suppliers in the UK who hold the same values.  We have stocked St Eval Candle Company’s products since we opened our store back in 2009, and have had the pleasure of watching their range grow and develop over the years. Our latest supplier is The Botanical Candle Company’s scented soy wax range of jars and tins add a new dimension to our offering. To compliment our wide range of candles we hold a variety of candle holders and accessories, from candlesticks to plates and lanterns. We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we do, lighting a candle at anytime during the day, we feel is an opportunity pause and reflect on where we are, giving a moment of quiet before moving forward to the next task.

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