Harley of Scotland

For almost a century, Harley of Scotland have been creating superior knitwear of exceptional quality. Harley of Scotland was established in 1929 with textile knowledge and experience spanning three generations. They are true masters of seam-free whole garment knitwear.

Harley of Scotland’s factory remains located on the original site, which was previously a fishing yard. This location inspired the company’s origins starting first by producing traditional fisherman’s hosiery socks. Years on, production evolved towards the fisherman’s gansy and as technology and skills advance, a move towards Fairisle and colour takes us to the makings of the premium Scottish Shetland knitwear brand we know and love today- Harley of Scotland.

”Using only the finest natural fibres we have successfully combined our traditional values with the latest in technical innovation to create a range of beautiful and stylish garments that are renowned worldwide. We pride ourselves that we are pioneers of seam free whole garment techniques in Scotland and hold to the values of zero waste production.

Sustainability, innovation, creativity and the respect of our traditions are at the heart of our luxury knitwear business.”

All products are both made and finished in Scotland. All yarns are ethically sourced and finished in Scotland.

Super soft Shetland spun in Aberdeenshire and superfine Lambswool spun in Kinross. Harley’s seam free methodology means that the garment is knitted tubularly and cast off the machine as an entire, complete sweater, with no wastage. 

In a nutshell: Harley’s of Scotland - Classic, Timeless, Permium, Traditional  Scottish Knitwear at its Finest.