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Costal Walks Crystal Diffuser Set

  • A beautiful Snow Quartz Gemstone oil diffuser complete with Costal Walks oil. This set is designed to couple the therapeutic energy of ancient crystals with the aroma therapeutic benefits of diffuser oils. Simply add a couple of drops of diffuser oil, allow the stones to absorb the fragrance before gently releasing it into the air.

    Snow Quartz has powerful properties that help shield against negativity. This is especially rewarding if disharmony has built up in your day to day life or work environment.

  • A beautiful unique blend of essential oils.

    Each contains enough essential oils to provide five or six months of calming, refreshing scent. Especially designed to work with our Gemstone diffusers - just drop upon the stones and allow the gentle fragrance to infuse.

  • Each beautiful bottle contains 50ml of diffuser oil.