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Beautiful Superfine Lambswool Ladies Sweater in Harley’s Strath/Sandstorm - Teal colourway.

Medium - Chest 52cm, Length 69cm, Sleeve (neck to cuff) 84cm

Large - Chest 55cm, Length 71cm, Sleeve 71cm

Wash Care Instructions:

Genuinely, we very rarely wash any of our pure wool garments, we air them occasionally and that seems to do the job!
However, if necessary, we would recommend gently hand-washing your Harley of Scotland superfine wool sweaters in lukewarm water using a specialist hand wash soap, rinse several times in clean lukewarm water then gently squeeze to remove excess water. Do not squeeze and rub hard whilst washing, nor use a shift of hot to cold water! Keep the temperature regulated, as all of this can lead to shrinkage and felting! Lay flat to dry on a smooth surface  (perhaps on a clean towel) – easing gently back into shape whilst damp. If required, iron on a cool setting using a damp cloth to protect your garment. You may also dry clean your sweater using a specialist dry cleaner.

Do not use bleach or use detergents of any kind – especially detergents containing OBA’s (Optical Brightening Agents) as these can cause damage to delicate wool fibres and never mix colours whilst handwashing.

Piling: Soft and luxurious fibres such as the high-quality wools used in our sweaters are shorter staple fibres gently twisted as woollen spun yarns to preserve their luxurious handle and lightweight. As such, some degree of pilling can be expected in the initial stages. The gentle use of a wool comb will remove the excess fibres in the blend and this will settle once the garment is in use.