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The distinctive organic shape of our Janka tealights clearly illustrates the traditional methods used to create them. They’re crafted from recycled glass, which was washed and melted down before being shaped into a beautiful rustic design. The smoky charcoal hue of the glass is embellished with an antique gold/silver finish, creating a striking two-tone appearance. These tealights look stylish on your mantlepiece, side board or dining table - try arranging a mix of sizes to create an ambient display. Comes as a set of two.

Dimensions (h x w x d)4 / 5 x 8 / 10 x 8 / 10cm
MaterialRecycled Glass
Country of origin India
Please position candle securely. This product will get hot in use. Keep out of reach of children. Wait until fully cooled before handling. Never leave a burning candle unattended.