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The cheerful scent of our 100% pure sweet orange essential oil is sure to put a smile on your face. Known for its uplifting properties, which are said to positively impact on the mental and emotional systems, its radiant, citrusy aroma will cut through whatever's on your mind and bring you back to the moment. Sweet orange oil is believed to be particularly potent in treating tension headaches and other stress-related issues that affect overall wellbeing. Made from natural extraction methods and sourced from the finest UK suppliers, our sweet orange oil is like a long hot summer spent languishing in the sun on a far-flung beach, distilled into a cute little bottle for whenever you need an extra boost.

 Sweet Orange essential oil is an uplifting oil that can help to refresh, re-energise and uplift the mind. Sweet Orange oil can also help to reduce anxiety and stress by relaxing the mind and promote feelings of happiness and warmth. Sweet Orange essential oil is also an anti-inflammatory, relaxant and circulation booster.